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00:00 - 00:45 — Choreography
00:45 - 00:52 — Animation printed to make mask for acid etch
00:52 - 01:05 — View of completed sculpture
01:05 - 02:00 — Multiple detail views of completed sculpture


This low-resolution video documents the 2004 making of the kinetic sculpture Man with Flowers. The sculpture is comprised of roughly 60 thin copper tiles, mounted at the perimeter of a spinning wheel. The copper tiles were made by printing a series of successive frames from the choreographed movement shown here. These frames were heat-transferred onto the copper tiles to form a resistive image, and then acid-etched using circuit board etchant. To re-animate the live action sequence, the passing of each tile on the spinning wheel triggers a tiny flash of light, projecting the silhouetted images onto a ground glass screen. The resulting animation runs at 10-20 images per second and is very smooth (hard to show on low-res video). The sculpture's hand-built mechanism is solar powered, with an array of solar cells mounted on the top of the wooden box frame. I miss seeing this sculpture, but it's in good hands. Running time: 2 minutes.

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