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00:00 - 01:20 — Choreography
01:20 - 03:35 — Flipcard Reel
03:35 - 03:40 — View of Completed Sculpture


This low-resolution video documents the making of the kinetic sculpture cenotaph (2003). Live choreography was composited into a video compilation of atomic test footage. The resulting video frames were printed on approximately 900 flipcards. These flipcards were bound together as a book and wrapped around a hub to form a moving-picture reel. A motor cranks the reel, flipping through the cards to animate the original live action sequence. The sculpture is weather-proof and largely indestructable -- constructed from poured concrete, an industrial grade prism, and handmade mechanics contained within. The cenotaph is solar powered, with solar cells embedded in clear rubber resin in a bay at the rear of the concrete housing. No doubt, cenotaph will be around for quite some time.

Running time: 6 minutes

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